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Bar Stool Ideas, Things You Must Know Before Purchasing

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The purpose of your living room furniture should be to make you feel as comfortable as possible. From sprawling sofas to stylish bar stools that reflect your personality or just tie up a space, you need furniture that makes you feel at home so to speak, that fits the space you have and is stylish to boot. Bar stools hit the decor scene during the minimalist wave but they can find a home in pretty much any living space. The secret to finding the right bar stool lies in the material you choose, the type of bar stool in terms of sitting style such as counter or bar and height and the amount of space you have.

The last point helps you determine the type of bar stool to get and the number of stools to get for your space. Transforming your living space into a haven can be as easy as getting the right accessory (read bar stool) and getting this right is instrumental in making your living space the perfect comfort zone. So how do you choose the right bar stool for you and your space? Here’s a list of the most important things to look out for:

Focus on material

Deciding from the get-go which kind of material best suites and matches the rest of your space will be a great starting point when choosing a stool. There are quite a number of options to choose from;

  • wood
  • metal
  • leather
  • fabric
  • bamboo
  • Plastic

Wood bar stools are richer statement pieces and ooze opulence. They are more suited for a homely or cozy setup and would seamlessly gel into a homely and large kitchen setup (food and drinks) with wooden floors or enclosed areas without a lot of light as they focus attention on themselves easily. Metal bar stools are great because of their ability to reflect light and keep shiny with a few dust-ups.

For more of a contemporary setting, the leather or fabric bar stool would be just the right touch. These give off a welcoming and entertaining vibe because of the material and this is why they are the most preferred materials for hang out joints like bars or clubs. If you’re looking for an authentic bar feel with your stools, this would be the best material. 

Types of bar stool: sitting styles

After you identify the material you would like for your bar stool, the next step is finding out which kind of bar stool you would prefer according to the sitting style. The backless bar stool is exactly what the name suggests, backless. You do not get any support for your back when sited on it and also none for your arms. This kind of bar stool is not the most comfortable or practical but is great for space saving as it can be tucked under the counter quite easily and if your goal was not to be on it for longer than the morning bowl of cereal or glass of water, then it is perfect.

The low back bar stool shares similar characteristics with the backless save for the short lip that props up. You are probably not going to fall off from this bar stool but leaning against the short lip might be uncomfortable after a while. For sturdier back support, the fullback bar stool is the best bet. You can rest your whole back on the support, but this means that tucking this bar stool under the counter is impossible so it is best acquired if space is not a hindrance. The sitting style you choose will be determined by comfort and space; the most comfortable sitting style will probably not be the most comfortable and the most stylish will eat up space. 

How much space do you have?

Speaking of space, this is a big factor in determining what kind of bar stool you get. Your sitting area should be enough to accommodate the kind of bar stool you wish to add to it without sacrificing practicality and convenience. So just how many bar stools should you get for your space? Well, if the bar stool you have settled on measures between sixteen to eighteen inches then there should be no less than six inches between each stool for the setup not to feel cramped. For bar stools that are a bit larger than eighteen inches, it is advisable to have no less than nineteen inches between them to keep people comfortable. Working around this numbers can help you easily identify how many bar stools you can easily fit into your space comfortably and what kind of stool to get. 

Bar stool heights and types

So you have decided the type of material you want your bar stool to be made out of and the number you want, but you still are not sure of the type you want. These are easy as you only need to know what the core function of the stool will be and this narrows down your choice tremendously. If there is the availability of a counter or bar for a guest to lean on, then they will probably do that more often than not. If this is the case, then getting a bar stool with adjustable height is your best bet. For the patrons who wish to get bar stools for a smaller table then you are probably better off with a bar stool with arms and or a swivel to help the sitter feel more comfortable as opposed to a bear back that might hurt their back if they sit for too long. 

Shopping for the right bar stool

You have all your tips at hand and you are ready to go out and get yourself bar stools, but what is the best way to do so? This all boils down to budget and how much you are willing to part with when purchasing your bar stool. There are a lot of high-end brands that make quality, long lasting and beautiful bar stools but, you may however have to break the bank in order to acquire the number you want. Shopping in your local area can give you a first-hand feel of the quality and sturdiness of the bar stool you wish to acquire; this is highly recommended as opposed to shopping for a bar stool online only to receive the shipment of a product you do not like and thought would be different. Just like any other piece of decor, a bar stool needs your sense’ of touch approval and you can only know you made the right choice after you touch and sit in it yourself.

With all the above aside, if you have the correct measurements and not picky about testing the bar stool yourself buying online would be an option nonetheless. Marketplaces like have a huge variety of bar stools for you to choose from. If your looking for ideas. Below are some bar stools on amazon, you can use the below products as a reference to help you determine the style you are searching for.


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