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Wicked Game of Thrones Memorabilia

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Whats is game of thrones, whats the stor of game of throne and get some game of throne memorabilia
What Is Game of Thrones?

For those who are wondering what is Game of Thrones, of whom I am sure there will be only a few, it is that show that everyone is not just talking about, but going crazy over. When the true fans of GOT debate over the characters of the show, you would think they are the Lannisters, Starks and Targaryen.

For the uninitiated, Game of Thrones is a TV series based on the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” written by George R R Martin. The book series began as a trilogy, but one that could end up being a seven-book series. The show just concluded its 7th season and the final and 8th season is expected to be start in 2019. This year could be best time to catch up on all those missed seasons if you are those rare few who haven’t seen them.

The Game of Thrones Story?


Control & Power

The game of thrones story is basically a power struggle between the Lannisters and the Starks / Targaryen combo. It is a power struggle to get control of the entire landmass of Westeros. The Westeros is politically divided into two – the land beyond the Wall and the Seven Kingdoms. The Iron Throne is situation in the Crownlands. The one rules the Iron Throne is considered as the ruler of the whole of Westeros. The Lannisters still hold the throne.

North and Jon

The North is the largest of the Seven Kingdoms. This is ruled by the Starks, who are the heroes of this story, especially currently Jon Snow the main character of GOT. Jon is currently fighting the white walkers who are zombies. Jon Snow is the illegitimate son of Eddard Stark who is killed by Cersei’s son Joffrey, because he knows about Cersei’s incestuous relationship.

Essos and The Protagonist

Essos is another place that assumes importance in the series because our main protagonist Daenerys grows up here and waits for a chance to go up North and conquer the Iron Throne. Jon Snow of the Stark family joins up with Daenerys to fight the Lannisters.

Why Game of Thrones?

The popularity of the show is thanks to the clever political plot staged in an era that is mystical with its magic and fantasy. Though the political plots have been playing along all through human civilization, it is the period of the story that makes it so addictive. GOT has all the elements in the right mix that make it impossible to peel your eyes away from the screen. It is a heady combination of love, lust, horror, courage, cunning and every other dimension of human life that you can imagine.

That’s Interesting

Couple With One of The Largest Collection of Game of Thrones Art

game of thrones art collection

Wicked Game of Thrones Memorabilia


Why Props

When we talk about medieval era what comes with it is the power of the dark magic. Magic and fantasy are always accompanied by props that have their own magical powers. These are the mainstays of any period show.Game of thrones too has its own share of props which lend substance to the whole show.

What would Harry Potter be without his wand? In exactly the same way these props have come to assume importance not just in the show but also in common conversation between the GOT buffs. Any GOT fan worth his salt would give anything to be the proud owner of one of these.

Get Your GOT Pros Below

You can now bend your knees to that desire of possessing one of these GOT props. Original looking replicas are now available on Amazon.When winter has come over our beautiful planet, the place to spend your time is in your man cave. And, what wouldn’t you do to have these game of thrones memorabilia adorning yours. You will be feeling like a king the next time your friends come over for a marathon GOT watching session.

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