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What Is A Music Festival

A music festival is where musicians come to play music and people come to listen and do a variety of activities like drink, socialize, dance and just overall have a good time.

Types of Music Festivals

Basically, there is a music festival for every type of music genre. The only thing separating the festivals from each other besides the type of music is the vibe,attractions and art.

below are two popular festivals that are clearly different..

Burning Man

Burning Man – is a festival that a lot of people enjoy, mostly for its atmospheric vibe and Mad-Max feel to it. The event has attractions and wicked looking art not to mention the off road desert vehicles. The music at this festival is electronic music that being said, from the looks of it music is not the main emphasis at this festival.

Recommend watching the video below which shows a Youtuber by the name Jesse Wellens and his experience at burning man….

Shambhala Music Festival

Shambhala – This music festival is nothing like Burning Man, Shambhala is centered around the hippie culture and electronic bass heavy music. My favorite aspect of this festival is the type of clothing you see and the light shows at night time. Plus, everyone is so welcoming to the point of if you went solo some group would take you in as one of them.

Another favorite aspect of mine is that there is a no booze restriction which is a good thing because we all know booze has a way of bringing someones bad side to the surface. That being said, Shambhala doesn’t discourage drugs use and even has tents where you can test, use and dispose of drugs that you did intent of buying/using. If this wasn’t enough harm reduction, there is a place called “Sanctuary” where if you are having a bad trip you can go there and staff/people will do their best to calm you down.

Disclaimer – I don’t promote the use of drugs, the above statement regarding drugs use at Shambhala is strictly for educational purpose and to simply inform people.

The Clothes You See At Shambhala

I can tell outfits matter at Shambhala and not only for the purpose of wearing them. I love seeing the hippie, psychedelic and tie dye clothing and the accessories people wear like bracelets and anything glow in the dark. I’ve always been a fan of these types of apparel, even before knowing about Shambhala and similar festivals.
So, here are some of my saved bookmark of websites that sell hippie clothing, rave outfits, and psychedelic clothing.

This article contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission from items purchased through them. Thanks so much for your support!

ElectrothreadsThis is one of my favorite online stores for wicked psychedelic clothing and for a reasonable price tag. They have a HUGE variety of clothing for men and women not to mention they have a subscription box so you get something new each month. Also, they even have a loyalty program where you can earn stuff for FREE! another reason why i love this website.

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Iheartraves This online marketplace has a nice selection when it comes to festival accessories and women rave outfits. My choice would have to be the light toys and facial scarfs, If you decide to order from this website use the Code : RaveFest for a discount.

YizzamThis is another favorite of mine because you can customize your clothing like hoodies, short and long sleeves shirts. They have similar clothing designs like Electrothreads has, but what makes this one different is they have clothing collections as an example the collection similar to Electrothreads designs is called ” Fractals “. 



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