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Unique Decor & Gifts : Cat Lovers Going Crazy Over

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Cat Decor & Gifts For Cat Lovers

Why Cat Toys

Cats, are delicate creatures who want to be happy in their own way. That happiness requires the right pick of cat toys. When you go shopping for cat toys, try to get a toy that your cat will like immediately. If it appears your cat does not like it then don’t buy it. However, when shopping online you won’t be able to have the luxury of the above recommendation.

Cats act just like humans and humans want things. They personally like specific things and nothing more. Cats are built the same. Their More anti-social then most humans today. For this reason alone, you should get the right stuff for your cats. Cat toys have to be interesting and fun. There are certain material objects that make a cat happy. Not getting the certain things a cat wants can make your cat resent you. 

Why Cat Decor

You know you love cats by buying them cat gifts so why not get some cat decor while your at it? Yes, getting cat toys is one thing, but showing your friends you love cats is something else entirely. You need everybody to know that you love cats and especially your cat. Why? So you can look good in front of people who lie about loving cats. Show the world that you are the ultimate cat lover. Decorate your home with little cat body decorations and furniture.

Enjoy some interesting cat gifts and decorations below 

Cat Decor Owners Love

cat decor
There are plenty of cat decorations for you to use for your home. Your friends and family will be amazed by how much you love cats. Decorate the entire house with all sorts of cat products. You want people to know that you love cats deeply. Buy some cat pillows, stickers, nightlights, and cat playhouses. Get items to fit your kitchen, living room, and back yard. Take your fan obsession for cats to the next level. Be proud to be a cat owner. Don’t hide it in the dark anymore. Embrace your love for cats with cat house decor.

Carpets/Mat’s With Cat Faces

Their are many carpets with funny cat faces. Faces to make your cat jump and faces to make your cat fill they are not alone. Buy a carpet today to make your cat feel like they have company at home. Trick your cat into thinking there is more then one cat. Get a “Lucky Cat Non-slip Carpet Floor Mats For Home.” A multi-color car carpet for your home and cats. It comes with a smooth texture and a non-slip tech. Buy one of these and you won’t have to worry about slipping on some cat nip when you walk in your home. The carpet is also waterproof and looks good with all types of kitchen backgrounds. It is also hand washed and machine washable.

Get Some Cat Stickers

Buy some cat stickers and spread them all over your living room. Yes, it is time to show people who visit your house that you love cats. Put them on the fridge. Put them on the back of the big couch. Put them above your bed board. Put them in your bathroom. Put cat stickers anywhere you feel they need to be. Purchase a “Cat Pet Alert Rescue Sticker Fire.” A sticker designed to let people know that there is a cat in the house and you need to be nice. Let your visitors know in the bathroom to be nice to your cat.

Cat Pillows

Cat pillows are perfect your bedroom. Especially when your boyfriend walks in and you want him to know about your cat fetish. Having a cat pillow also makes you look more girly even when you don’t have cats. Go get a cat pillow like “Pet Faces Rag-doll Cat Pillow.” A cute and squeezable pillow for you to sleep on at night. Something that is the right size and very soft. It will also remind your boyfriend of how much you really love cats. You have to show him how much right?

Buy Cat Play House’s

Cats need a place to cuddle up and scratch. A place to scratch so they won’t be tempted to scratch your sofa. Get them a play house to satisfy their needs. Get them a playhouse that matches the color of your house. Such as “Go Pet Club Cat Tree – 72 in” valued at $79.99. Its a beige colored playhouse that has extended carpet roof tops and a small cat hole for cat sleep. Perfect for all background house colors. Cats need a little scratch here and there. The playhouse can even be moved to the backyard for your cats to play privately. Sometimes, cats make a little too much noise with their cat playgrounds.

Cat Garden Ornaments

Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue Cat Decor

Not only, is having indoor cat decor important. also, its a good idea to decorate your yard as well. You might already have garden ornaments, like those haunted midget gnomes. I swear they keep moving to different locations. Anyways, enough with my paranoia. I wanted to add something different to my garden, which led to me this productMischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statueits exactly what i needed. 

Gifts To Get Your Cat

gifts for cat lovers

Cat Are More Human Then You Think

Cats want gifts, but not any old ordinary gift. No, they want specific cat gifts for them. Each cat has a different personality like people. Each person wants different things and your cat is no different. They want gifts to make them feel special and loved. Make your cats give a good “meow” when they rub their paw against that one cat gift that you bought to make your cat smile sometimes. Cats do not smile too much and most of the time they get sad over nothing. Get them the right gifts to help brighten their day.

Why Cat’s Need Interactive Toys

Cats tend to sleep more then they should. They need interactive toys to keep them active during the day. Which is suggested that you get some interpretative cat toys. Cats tend to sleep for 10-15 hours in a day. That is not good at all. You need robotic and energetic toys to keep your cat in shape. You don’t want your cat to be called “Mr. Fat Cat.” Make sure to motivate your cat to walk around the house.

View some interesting interactive cat toys below

DJ Cat Scratching Pad

cat gifts

There are many cat gifts to choose from and some are really funny. Such as the “DJ Cat Scratching Pad.” this particular device allows your cat to sit up and scratch the disc. It will make your cat look like it is playing a record when it is really scratching. You can even make a Youtube video about it. Show your friends online that your cat is creative at making music. Have a laugh and enjoy the moment.
Pet-stages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy
automated cat toys
Get them a “Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy” This unique device allows your cat to chase a ball and run around in circles. The toy has a boy trapped inside and appears that the cat can get the ball out. But, the cat can never get the ball out. Its a little mind game for the cat to run around in 360 circular fashion. It will boost their hear rates to get them to burn fat.
Pet Safe Flitter Teaser Toy
interactive cat toys
Get them a “PetSafe Flitter Teaser Toy” A toy that will have flies hanging on the edge of the two sticks. The toy will appear to look real. But, it will actually be fake. Designed to make your cat swap the imaginary flies for a few minutes. This fly swatting cat machine will work out your cat’s front and back hand muscles. This is will give them an intense work out.

Best Interactive Cat Toys In 2018

Smart Cat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box

best interactive cat toy 2018

the “Pioneer Pet SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box” This box is filled with a lot of holes that can place a toy ball inside. Your cat will think it is something and spend hours trying to get what is inside of the swiss cheese box. The box also has a cheese like appearance. It is creative and inspiring for your cat to move around and hunt for that tiny ball.

The Simple Laser Pointer

fun cat toys


Interactive LED Light by FurryFido” is always going to be a favorite cat toy. Mostly, because its also just as fun for us owners. I still remember my first time seeing how my pet cat reacted to it and me having such a good time playing with her. Such amazing memories had to include it in this list.


Gifts For Cat Lovers

Party Cats Painted Wine Glass Set

cute gifts for cat lovers

If you would prefer some cute and girly cat gifts instead, then you should get items like “Party Cats Painted Stemless Wine Glass Box Set.” Drink wine from glasses that have pictured of cats wearing glasses. Also, the cats are drawn in precise and cartoonist detail. Each image is drawn to show you and your friends that you love cats with “intelligence.” Cats who look like cats but have a high IQ. Glasses come with different species of cats.

Arshiner Women Bear Cat Paws

If you really love cats and you want your friends to know it, then you need to buy some “Arshiner Women Bear Plush Cat Paw Claw Gloves.” Gloves that look like cat paws. Great to have for Halloween and anime con events. You need to look girly and sometimes you want a Japanese fit to your everyday style. You want your hands to look like a cat in midnight winds.

Cat Paw Print Pet Keepsake Photo Frame

gifts for cat lovers

Cat Paw Print Pet Keepsake Photo Frame With Pet Pawprint Imprint Kit.” Is by far the best gift for any cat lover. However, could be hard to do in some people situations as you will need access to said owners cat for a said amount of time to get the print and picture. That being said, if you do manage to pull it off would be an amazing gift.


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