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Must Have Stoner Room Decor: The Essentials

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Why Have Decorations At All?

As a smoker myself, its kinda boring medicating in a white room with no decor. It would give me a psychiatric hospital vibe, which isn’t good when your feeling the effects from cannabis. Believe it or not, the environment in which you decide to smoke up in has an impact on your experience. At least for me, if not decorating to control your experience. Adding some decor to your walls, roof and floor will sure give you that wow factor from whom ever enters for that sesh. 


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Stoner Room Decor Ideas

I’m sure you already have some wicked stoner room ideas,  whether its mounting LED’s, psychedelic posters, or just having all your smoking accessories on display. Its going to be better then not having anything at all. Below are some stoner room ideas you could base your room around

    Not all things in your room have to be cannabis themed

  • Design Your Room Around Famous People That Smoke
  • Put Cannabis Art On The Walls
  • Show Case Your Smoking Accessories

Additional Ideas

  • Doorway Beads
  • Whiteboard/Chalk Board
  • Record Player – If Your Really Old School or Like Vintage Stuff
  • Black Light, Glow In The Dark Products
  • Lighting

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The Essentials For Any Stoner Room

Comfy Lounge Area

This is an important part of your stoner room, you need a place where your friends can sit comfortably whether thats having multiple bean bags or a modern sofa. If you want the futon/sofa to pop, then just put a marijuana bed spread over said sofa/futon and its themed!. 

Gaming Area

I can’t imagine being stoned and having nothing to do, like you can only zone out on the room decor for so long. Gaming is an awesome way to entertain friends and yourself while being medicated/stoned. Plus, most gaming consoles come with built in apps like Netflix, Hulu and many more so if gaming gets boring you could just search for a funny movie to watch. My favorite game to play would be “Super Smash Bros” on the game cube.

Trippy Gadgets/Toys

A Must Have! 🙂 – No Need For An Explanation Here 

Stoner Pillows & Blankets

I use cannabis for my sleep issues so having a nice blanket and pillow is a much have for my stoner room. Plus, Canada is where i reside and it gets hella cold here in the winter. Even if you don’t have use for a blanket and pillow it would be an awesome decor piece for your stoner room. 

Ash Tray & Stoner Bundles

It’s important to have a storage place where all your roaches, pre-rolls, and smoking accessories are in. If not, then you will be cleaning alot and thats no small task. Us stoners are messy! Raw bundle is my favorite has basically everything you need!. 

Musical Instruments

100% Dope Idea ? – Scroll through this forum thread and see what instruments stoners like if you need more ideas

Some Stoner Room Setups Below

I have a feeling, you might need some more inspiration so have scoured the internet for images of stoners rooms to give you more of an idea. Out of the 4 stoners room setups, my personal favorite would have to be the very bottom one.

( Love Black Lights )


stoner room ideas and setups

stoner room ideas and setups

stoner room ideas and setups

stoner room ideas and setups


Stay Lifted!

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