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Must Have Minecraft Collectibles, For Your Man Cave

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What Is Their To Know About Minecraft

One or two decades ago, entertainment was totally different from its nowadays version. We all have in our houses or in our pockets devices that offer us unimaginable opportunities: from unlimited access to information and boundless communication across the planet to virtual realities and chatting with artificial intelligence bots. Minecraft is one of these entertainment opportunities that allows people to dive in and express their creativity without any limits. The only and the most important limitation is that it is just a game.

Minecraft was designed in 2009 by Markus Persson (a Swedish programmer) and now more than 100 million users are registered in the Minecraft database. This game has been released on multiple systems: Mac, Xbox, Windows, and even PlayStation 3. Basically, Minecraft is a sandbox game, where people have the possibility to create their own experience.

Basics of Minecraft  

Despite the voice of those who have not been caught in the Minecraft universe, who would state that it’s just an application used by people to dig virtual holes in a virtual landscape with the sole purpose of collecting virtual blocks, this game is loved by millions of people. A Minecraft passionate fan will tell you about the fantastic possibilities that Minecraft offers you, possibilities that allow you to give your dreams a shape and visualize them.

You can play this game on Creative, Hardcore, Survival, or Spectator mode. You can use a huge variety of blocks to build things and something that might not be so catchy, you have to do a lot of repetitive actions. Building a house, for example, requires placing many block on their places and for some complex projects, Minecraft users can use up to 1000 blocks and even more (that means that you have to tap the screen/button or mouse 1000 times).

Passionate Fans & What Minecraft Teaches Kids

People’s passion for Minecraft has crossed screens’ boundaries and here they are: clothing, accessories, collectibles, wallpapers, all kinds of things in the real life that have been Minecraft-ed. Even a Minecraft convention has been organized in the last years, Minecon. The social media has a huge contribution on Minecraft’s popularity as users share their creations on social media networks while other Minecraft users publish tutorials where they offer other people “how to” information”.

Minecraft has also been used in educational settings, introducing children to architecture and helping them with space orientation skills. And just like a few years ago when we lived the “www” revolution, right now we are living the “mineblock” revolution. Lego, the other “blocks” giant has made a partnership with Minecraft and Minecraft Lego sets are available for public too.

Minecraft Collectibles

In the game, you can encounter many characters: skeletons, creepers, witches, endermens, zombies, spiders, , silverfish (and Steve, let’s not forget Steve, he’s the main character) and many others and all these have migrated to reality in the shape of Minecraft collectibles. Many passionate Minecraft users have huge collections of Minecraft figurines in different sizes and colors.People love to have Minecraft collectibles in their gaming rooms.

The best place to find Minecraft collectibles is Amazon. This retailer has a huge Minecraft collectibles offer (sold by hundreds of manufacturers) and you can even run into nice discounts or awesome deals that could get your favorite Minecraft collectibles in your home. Below are my favorite Minecraft collectibles on amazon

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