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Must Have Bathroom Accessories For Men

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bathroom accessories for men on amazon

I woke up this morning and as usual do my morning rituals. I always knew that it was possibly to make my life easier with some simple products. So, decided to research about bathroom accessories for men and came across some interesting things. All images are clickable, so if your wanting to learn more then you can by just clicking the image.

Lets Get Started

The Beard King

Bathroom accessories for men

My Thoughts

This product was the first thing that came to mind, as its really annoying having to clean your facial hair that gets in your sink or gets clogged in the drain. I’m 100% going to order this product, will make my life easier 10 fold. All the above said, this product doesn’t seem to catch 100% of hair so would still have to clean the sink a little bit. But, for sure wouldn’t be as bad as not having the bread king.


  • High Quality – made from synthetic nylon
  • Water Proof
  • Non – Stick
  • Easy To Use – Suction Cups To Mirror


  • Suction Cups Not The Greatest
  • Doesn’t Catch All Hair About 80% – %90

Medieval Toilet Paper Holder

bathroom things for the man cave

My Thoughts

This is more for decoration, but still awesome nonetheless. At-least when on the toilet would have something to admire, other then staring at the wall in utter boredom. Having this installed would give me the vibe of being in the medieval times and would be a cool conversation starter for anyone who enters. The only issue, is it might be to large for my bathroom would have to measure it and see if it would fit.


  • Looks Badass
  • High Quality – Hand-cast using real crushed stone…
  • Great Gift Idea


  • Its Pretty Big, Might Not Fit All Bathroom.
  • Some Reports of Shipping Damaged

Wash Yourself With Beer Soap

Beer Soap, Bathroom Accessory For Men

My Thoughts – Purchased This One Myself

This was a must buy, this soap is high quality and the scents are derived from actual beer. Don’t worry, it doesn’t stink. Would 100% buy again as I’ve never had hand soap have such a beneficial effect on my skin.


  • Scents Made From Beer – All Natural
  • Good For The Skin – Rich in vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and Amino acids
  • Perfect Gift For Beer Lovers


  • Soap Is Too Small For Some People – I didn’t find it too be
  • Some Damaged In Shipping – Non of mine where damaged

 iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

My Thoughts

I’ve never listen to music during my showers ever!, recently, seen something similar at my friends place. I asked about it, he told me he purchased it online and can’t have a shower without it. He said, having one makes his shower 100% better cause he can bump to his music. So, went searching online and research about all the different shower speakers on amazon and come to the conclusion this one is the best if you are tight on cash.


  • Sound Is Good For Most People
  • 100% Water Proof Even When Submerged
  • 10 Hours Play Time
  • Regard In Under 3 Hours


  • Product Defects Reported – Users can’t get speaker to work – some didn’t charge
  • Suction Fails After Some Point – Best to remove from glass once done showing
  • Some Report – volume too quiet
  • Not Loud Enough To Some

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Speaker More Expensive Option

My Thoughts

Been hearing nothing but good things about the JBL. People say its the loudest, longer lasting and the best quality for the money compared to its competition. So, would rather save up until i’m able to afford the JBL Flip 4. Don’t get me wrong, the Ifox12 has over 3k reviews on amazon and has 68% 5 star ratings and is probably good enough for most people. I’,m just looking for a speaker for the shower and outdoor activities.

Bathroom Accessory Sets

Man Cave Bathroom
Source –

My Thoughts

So, the most important thing in a bathroom are accessory sets. They usually contain hand soap tray, soap dispensary, trash bin, and in some cases face cloths and towels. I did some research and found 3 manly bathroom accessory sets.

Batman Bathroom Accessories 12pc Bundle

bathroom accessory sets for men

Zuvo 6 Pcs Plastic Bathroom Accessory Set

bathroom accessory set

Maltese Cross-themed Bathroom Accessory Set

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