lets start by explaining how this article will help you.

Firstly, you will learn about some important products that are a must have in any man cave. Then, will be introducing some helpful advice and showing you examples of some man caves to help encourage you to think outside of the box for the theme for your man cave. 

Let’s first get this out of the way, everything recommend here is subject to your own customization. Ultimately you will be designing your man cave with your ideas in mind. This is just a must have man cave items that in my opinion are important to make a man cave enjoyable for you, your friends, family and whom ever is welcome inside.

Lets get started

Must Have Man Cave Items


Coffee Table

Now, in my opinion a man cave wouldn’t be welcoming to you or your guests if they didn’t have a place to put there beer, drink, or food. If i were picking a table, it would have to be solid and contain no glass because my crowd is kinda rowdy and in plain terms, shit happens. I would look for a wood table that is designed around my theme, in my case it would have to be in the tv-show, gaming niche and anything nerdy. However that being said, if for ever reason you’re unable to afford said themed table would purchase a plain one, like the ones below. Most of the time those unique custom themed tables cost an arm and an leg.

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Antique Coffee Table

unique table, table unique, man cave table,


I first saw, this table and something came to my mind. The bottom extra storage, which is a good thing and the fact its made from P2 particle board. The max weight it can hold is 350lbs and is a decent size ( in my opinion ). 

Dorel Living Faux Marble Lift Top Coffee Table

  man cave table, life up table,

This one caught my eye for 2 reason, one it folds up so you can store items inside and not get them wet if you friend spills by accident. The next reason is its different material other then wood. Both of these tables are good enough to be in my future man cave, remember you don’t have to buy the most expensive, unique table out there. This isn’t pimp you man cave, a simple table will suffice.


You think one fridge in your house is enough, unfortunately us men are lazy and don’t want to leave our sanctuary. Having another fridge is probably the most important item in our man cave, its what holds are beer and junk food. Not only that, but this stops are guests from complaining if they get asked to grab everyone a cold one.

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Nostalgia Coca-Cola Mini Refrigerator

man cave fridge, man cave items, coca cola mini fridge,

This, one would be my go too, if im not able to find one for my man cave theme. You don’t need a huge refrigerator, but can if you have the income and if your not worried about the dog house. Any mini-fridge, is fine as a novelty or for person use. It has a 1.7-cubic foot capacity and room for 1 – 2 liter and have a small compartment to freeze stuff.

Danby 120 Can Beverage Center

  man cave fridge, man cave items,

This one is more about the quality of cans your able to pack inside. There is no freezer included and has a 3.3 cu. ft. capacity, which means more beer or w.e your going to be using it for. I added it to this list is because its bigger then the coca-cola one and have an affordable price.


A sofa/couch is a must have man cave item, you don’t want to be standing all day. You want to be able to sit down and relax either by yourself or when friends come over to watch the game and socialize. Not only that, if your a gamer too, its 100% a given to have your own sofa

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Premium Sofa Futon Couch, Modern Design

  a must have man cave item the futon

I really like this one, because its medium sized and folds into a bed. Perfect for that occasion one of you guests can’t drive home and needs a place to crash, don’t know how many times this happened to me and either slept on the floor or waited until im sober enough to drive home. Would prefer a futon over the floor any-day!

Poundex F6935 Bobkona Norton Linen-Like 4 Piece

This, one came to mind when imaging a man cave inside a garage, would place this in a corner obviously. Its bigger and would be perfect if you having more then 4 people over. The only downside is the sofa is made from fabric and can stain if your guest can’t handle themselves. That being said you could cover it with a sheet, blanket or couch cover to minimize stains.

What Being Creative Looks Like

Hope you enjoyed this article, It was fun writing it. Remember there is a hell of alot more things too add to your man cave, these are just the basic items you should have when starting. If you like the items above then get them while there are still in stock, if there not for you then you can always find items elsewhere

Baseball Bat’s Into Railing


If your a handy man yourself, you could 100% create stuff from old materials you have around that are just collecting dust. Use like, old cans, signs and toys to design something cool. Lots of people are doing this as it can be cheaper if you already have some items around.

Above is a perfect example, can’t find the original source of the image however you can see they used wooden bat’s to make a cool railing design. You could also create just a hand railing as seen in the images. So don’t think its mandatory to spend money online, if you have things you can put to use laying around.

Beer Bottle’s

This would be another cool way to use your waste to your advantage. We usually just throw beer bottle caps away instantly, which most of the time is fine. The reason you would want to keep them for your man cave is just those little caps can be used to create some amazing art.

Finding Man Cave Specific Decor & Items

When it comes to finding man cave memorabilia, novelty items, and man cave decor. Amazon doesn’t have much in this category and its best to widen your search. Don’t worry, I’ve have done most of the searching for you and come up with a recommended online marketplace that has more of a selection.

Favorite Sources Below

  • homewetbar.comThis is bar far the best online store if your looking to spice up the bar area in your man cave, they have an amazing selection. The really interesting aspect of thier company is they can do personalized gifts, which would make an item that much better and unique for you or maybe as a gift to that special someone. 
  • Amazon.com – Most of us know, Amazon is huge when it comes to buying items online for a reasonable price. A 2017 report on scrapehero.com answers the question ” How many products are sold on Amazon.com”, they claim amazon had 573,374,133 products on sale for October 10th 2017. Whether this is accurate , it can give us an idea about the amount of items are on there.

Cool Man Cave Ideas For Your Home

Now, we all know the basics items inside a man cave consist of a refrigerator, couch,  table and a big screen television. The rest of the man cave is all customization, based on what your interests  are. Below are 5 popular man cave ideas which are based around themes. Choose one below and iterate on it to be unique too you.

These 5 types should help you get an idea’s for your man cave, at the very lease get you thinking.

Type : Gaming/film

My Ideal Man Cave

Now, my ideal man cave would have the basics listed above. It would have sections based on my interests, one part of the garage or space would be all based around gaming which may include a shelve with gaming books, gaming figurines and the walls would have posters. Since, my go to gaming platform is pc gaming there would be a monitor mount which can support 4 monitors at once.

I would then buy an awesome gaming desk with the basics including a keyboard and mouse that have the color mixer feature. Not only that, would get a computer speaker system that would make my gaming sound amazing. 

This is just a basic run down of what would be in my man cave, obviously this wouldn’t happen overnight. Unless your rich, in that case more power to you. But the majority of people are going to build there man cave over time.

The image source

Type : Travel

These are really interesting man caves, there is so much possibilities. Make a collage of all the places your been with the images you’ve taken and mount this on the wall or find another place to put them that’s more creative. I recently, saw a picture of a guys room and he installed a hammock. In my mind a hammock is in the type of traveling for the reason people use them on vacation for relaxing. Having flags mounted on the roof of your man cave space would be another cool design for a traveling enthusiast man cave. 

Type : Bar/ Beer Connoisseur 

Most man caves have bars already in them whether its just using your mini-fridge or its an actual bar with stools, taps and shelves to hold that liquid courage. Either way, this a good theme to base a man cave around if you like beer and alcohol. Men really take this serous and spend a fortune on it, there are so many pictures of just unbelievable man caves around booze.

Here is an image of a beautifully designed man cave.

Type : The Collector

This one is themed to have one thing you are passionate about and just go overboard with it. For example, this would be a theme for someone that lets say is passionate about vintage car signs whether its cars, gas, and street signs. These man caves can turn out just amazing if done right and can turn out to be a cluster #%$ if designed poorly.

An example, the man in the image to the right has a passion for star wars and has collected as much limited items and save it over the years and designed a said space with the collectibles.

If your interested about his story follow the link to his article >  Image Source

Type : Sports Fan

This one is another favorite of mine, its interest looking at what people have designed

There are only a few sports that i enjoy watching which are hockey and ufc. both sports would be amazing to design an man cave around. Most of these types of man caves are in basements because they most likely have sport valuables. So, its important to keep them in a secure place.

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