list of the best kitchen appliances and gadgets

List of The Best Kitchen Appliances & Gadgets

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Do You Have The Best Kitchen Appliances?

Whenever you think of a kitchen, the first thing that strikes our mind is food. While preparing your favorite dishes, it’s essential that you own the proper kitchen appliances and equipment to make your work easier. In this article, I list the best kitchen appliances, gadgets, kitchen brands and places 
to shop online.

The Top Ten Best Kitchen Appliances You Need

– Cutting Board

– Vacuum-Seal Food Savers

– Microwave

– Juicer/Mixer Grinder  ( From health-conscious persons to home creators, and specialists (Chef), all of them need to have a juicer mixer grinder in the kitchen)

– Slow Cooker

– Coffee Machines ( you may want a dual espresso/coffee maker, which has the best of both worlds.)

– Coffee Grinders:  ( You can use them to grind spices and peppers. However, you should be careful to clean it thoroughly – you don’t want spicy coffee!)

– Quart Stand Mixer

– Toaster

– Breakfast Sandwich Maker ( Absolutely Love This Thing! )

Best Kitchen Appliance Brands

These three below are what i think are the best kitchen appliance brands. However, if you would like to see a list that goes into more detail regarding kitchen appliances read this article.


– T-fal

– Kitchen Appliance

Kitchen appliances make life easier. They also help you live more comfortably.

Non-Necessary, But Useful Kitchen Appliances


Induction Cooktops ( Only if you need more then your current stove has)

– Ice Cream Maker

– Deep Fryer

– Bread Machine

– Food Steamers

– Electric Griddles

– Electric Knife Sharpener/Manual Knife Sharpener

– Food Dehydrator

Common Cooking Equipment & Gadgets


– Pots/Pans

– Oven Mitts

– Tinfoil

– Saran Wrap

– Parchment Paper

– Rolling Pin

– Wok

– Cheese Grater 

– Tea kettle ( I’m a green tea fan)

– Potato Masher

– Spatula

– Bottle Opener

– Whisk

– Dish Towels

– Tongs

Getting Appliances Online Using These Source

You need to choose the right appliances for your kitchen keeping in mind your budget and certainly other things. However, these days there are many types of appliances for your modular kitchen available online. At online stores, you will get latest and a great variety of appliances for the kitchen which you might not get at offline stores. Moreover, you can compare the prices of various appliances of different online stores to save a significant amount of money.

You can buy your kitchen appliances from;


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