How to Make the Perfect Man Cave for a Home Mechanic

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If your garage is no longer serving your family in its current state, consider taking that extra space and converting it into your own personal man cave. This conversion can be achieved with a few simple steps.

Clean and Purge

When you begin the plan to convert your garage into a man cave, you must first
do some cleaning and purging. Go through everything that’s inside the garage. Decide what should stay and what should be thrown out. You’re going to need as much free space in the garage as possible to execute your man-cave plans. The items you decide to keep should be stored elsewhere in the house. Attics and basements are other common storage areas that can be utilized in place of the garage.



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Spending time in your man cave during the winter and summer months will be a difficult affair due to the extreme weather temperatures. To make your garage a comfortable man cave, start weatherizing the walls and windows. The first weatherizing project should be adding insulation to the walls since the walls will be your largest weatherizing project. Apply weatherstripping around the edges of the garage door. Install an area rug or wall-to-wall carpeting to keep the floors warm and cushioned.



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For those who enjoy spending a lazy weekend in their man-cave garage working on their car or tinkering with other types of machinery, a cluttered and chaotic workspace can be a nightmare. For mechanics, quick-and-easy access to their tools is essential to their enjoyment of this leisurely process. Before you begin to turn your garage into your perfect man cave, you need to organize your tools and other possessions. You can begin organizing and sorting with many different organization techniques and frameworks. Toolboxes can be filled with tools and separated by type or use. Plastic totes can be used in place of metal toolboxes. If you’d like to free up extra space, you can install a wall-mounted pegboard to hold your tools.



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The next step in your plans to convert your garage into your man cave is to add some style and color. Once you’ve insulated the garage properly, start decorating it to your liking. Attach some posters to the walls showing your favorite cars or sports teams. Add a few chairs and a table. Make this space your own. Although this is a man cave, you don’t want it to be dark. Include plenty of light fixtures for ambiance and mood lighting.

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