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Simple Decor Ideas – Home, Room and Artfully Walls

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learn about contemportary, modern wall decor for your home.Why Decoration Is Important

Wondering why your house looks boring? The empty white space on your wall. It is empty. You wanted to do a quick redecoration but you don’t know how. We all wanted to make our home to feel like home. To make it more lively and a beauty in our eyes. Especially in the eyes of our guests. In this article, we are going to talk about wall decor and how you can make your rooms and walls artfully.

But first….

What is Contemporary Wall Decor?


Whats Does Contemporary Mean?

To understand the meaning of the phrase. We have to dissect it word by word. Then integrate them into each other. So first, What is contemporary? In a simple layman’s term, contemporary basically means modern or up to date. Not old, but something new to our eyes. A bit futuristic, but not that year 3000 vibe looking. It’s just plain up to date designs.

What Does Decoration Mean?

Decoration means a thing that serves as an ornament. What is an ornament? An ornament is a thing that is used to make something look attractive. But the catch is, it has no general purpose. The only purpose of it is to make something look beautiful. We all want to look at beautiful things. It’s human nature. That’s why ornaments are important.

It is that simple. But;

Why do we need to Decorate our Homes?

Let’s make this easy and spurt out why. It is because decorating our home makes it really ours. It takes something new, and makes it our own. It is our own personal touch. Just imagine your old house. it will roll in your mind like this. The color of our house is green, the art my mother use to decorate our living room is a yellow and white abstract painting she bought at a local art store.

Why is there more art designed for wall use?

Why Do We Focus Much More On Walls?

contemporary wall art, modern wall art,

There are many modern art ideas. But why walls? Well, the only and most obvious reason is this. Walls are the biggest and unused space in our homes next to our ceilings. It is wide and takes a lot of space. Our ceiling has a little bit of use. It is for the lightning. Our walls can have light too but it is a bit counter-intuitive to hang lights on the wall.

Why Art On Walls?

As you have already noticed. Art is the most common decors we put on our walls. Why art? Well first of all, when we look at art. It ignites our emotions. It makes us think of why the art looks that way. It basically makes us more human. Human is a creature of emotions. That’s why there is more art put on our walls. We know why we need to decorate our home. And we know why art is important.


How Can We Decorate The Rooms In Our Home?

Our home is composed of many unused spaces of walls. Each room has different uses and different structures. We are going to talk about how can we decorate our rooms with some simple decor ideas. which, should help you with your journey.

remember be unique and do something to your rooms that makes it yours.

Decor Ideas For Bathrooms – We wash and fix our selves in our bathrooms. It is the most private room in our home next to our bedrooms. Here below are some ways to decorate the walls of our bathroom;

  •  – Re-Paint Walls 
  •  – Pictures On The Mirror & Walls – 
  •  – Lighting
  •  – Install Tiles or Re-design The Tile
  •  – Wall Paper
  •  – Rugs & Shower Curtains

Decor Ideas For The Kitchen – The kitchen is where we cook our meals. It is also the most used room next to living rooms. To decorate our kitchen. We have to think about utility. Modern art decorations we should see in our kitchen is metallic sculptures that have some kind of utility features in it. Here are some other options as well for kitchen decoration;

  •  – Plants
  •  – Ornaments
  •  – Stylish Chairs
  •  – Cook Book Shelf
  •  – Personalized Cutting Board
  •  – Wall Art, Wall Decal

Decor Ideas For The Living Room – The living room is the most important room for a family. It is where we do the most human thing we can do. And that is living. To decorate our living room, we have to think about our personal wants. We have to make it ours. If you like the color of blue, then you should have a contrast of different blue decorations hanging in the wall of your living room. The same rules also apply to your bedroom.

  •  – Carpet
  •  – Color Scheme 
  •  – Type of Furniture ; Modern, Rustic, Retro, Vintage and Traditional
  •  – Plants
  •  – Tv & Accessories; Gaming, Surround Sound, 3D ect….
  •  – Fireplace Tv Stand
  •  – Window Curtains or Blinds

Decor Ideas For The Dining Room – The dining room is where we eat food. It is where we can fill up our stomachs. So first of all, no distasteful art. We should fill it with good arts. It should make spark our emotion and make our dining experience more lively.

  •  – Plants 
  •  – Table Covers, Coasters 
  •  – Chairs
  •  – Table
  •  – Lightning 

How These Websites Helped Me?
– Now that we have discussed all of the plausible art we can put on every wall of our homes. The only question left hanging is, where can you find one? Amazon is a very great place to find contemporary wall decor. It has a wide variety of wall decoration ranging in every plausible room your home can have. – It has a new app that lets you design your home without actually buying decorations. It is all virtual. The way it works is you point your phone’s camera in the walls. You can add virtual decorations so that you can feel if that decoration is right for your walls. It is efficient because it helps you save money and time. – This is my favorite source, devianart is an online artwork, videography and photography community. If the two above source fail, then you will be sure to find what your looking for here.

Contemporary Wall Decor  & Art

Having decorations in your house will make your home a home. It is your house so you should add your personal touch to it. Just remember that every room has different purposes. With that in mind, you can decorate the walls of every room in your home with the right suited decorations. Hope you enjoyed learning about how to decoration the rooms in your home.

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