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Home Decor Trends List For 2018

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Is Your Home Decor Updated In 2018?

Why Do People Decorate There Home?

Interiors speak volumes about an individual. They express one’s personality and style. When deciding on a new house, the interior plays a big role. This is because you will spend quite some time in there.You definitely want to be comfortable anytime you are home. I hope, our suggestions of home decor trends 2018 will be helpful but, keep in mind that there is no rule of thumb with regards to interior decor. So, get your creative juices flowing and implement what works for you.

Home Decor Trends – 2018 


wall home decor trends 2018

You may be renting your apartment hence can’t do much with the colors of the building itself and thus may result in financial implications when the owner finds out. Wallpapers are still in have been around for a while and have varying designs and therefore, whichever wallpaper you prefer, you can stick it on your walls.

The great thing about wallpapers is that they don’t affect the paint job and 2018 has seen a twist to how wallpapers are being used. They are now being used on ceilings hence making the room more lively depending on the patterns. Nonetheless, a wallpaper on a ceiling deserves thumbs up as it going against the norm and that is what design entails!

Ice Cream Colors

Sounds crazy but be damn sure this as yummy as your ice cream can get not only for your room but for your guests as well, you get to experience color splashes in a room from the walls to furniture and it is a warm room to be in.


wabi sabi home decor trend

This is a style borrowed from Japan. Very authentic. An ideal entry in home decor trends in 2018 is it gives uniqueness to the interior design of whatever space. You get hand-woven baskets for storage and decoration as well. The fibrous material helps give an upcountry feel yet if synced with a modern feel gives a unique blend of style.


With regards to geometry, it is simply patterns that align with symmetry hence the patterns speak of geometry, nothing to do with numbers but shapes. An interesting concept and unique too.

Multi-Use Decor 

I’m sure you seen some images of this home decor trend, where something seems like it has one use and then its revealed to have multiple uses, like a multi-tool. I can understand this would be a home decor trend in 2018 especially for people who live in small spaces like dorms, bachelor pads and even those storage lockers.

The video below is a perfect example of maximizing his space so hes more efficient, he makes things have more then one purpose.


Outdated Interior Design Trends – 2017

The creative space is a bit harsh for those in it because time judges them harshly if they do not keep working on new ideas to be implemented.

Bold Color’s

Bold colors give a powerful self-expression. This gives your artistic self the opportunity to explore with the various colors, from your furniture to your walls. When it gets to the kitchen, you can do so with your crockery, that is your plates, cups, bowls and such can add up to your decoration style.

Metal finishes and furniture

Metal furniture may perhaps remind you of high school days though, it isn’t the whole structure that is metallic. The seat stands and table stands are the metallic parts. Drape handles and holdings are also metallic. Lighting compartments too.

Create Tranquility

Basically, means surrounding yourself with beautiful objects to create calmness in said atmosphere. Which, makes said space more inviting for you, family,  and friends. Things like; wrapped candles, bowl with treats, bottle opener, and many more. 

Decor That Never Goes Out of Style

A good style never runs of time and hence will definitely work in whichever century or timeline and hence the following make the cut in this category.


Fire Place Tv Stand Home Decor

The fireplace is often left out. Perhaps, just having family photos and that’s it. When it isn’t cold, nobody wants much interaction since there isn’t much service from it. How about making it noticeable? Get a flower vase and have it on top or on a stool right next to it. Have a few collectibles around it. and souvenirs as well would work perfectly allowing you to accentuate your fireplace for a different look in 2018.


terrazoo home decor that never go out of style

Terrazzo is part of decor that never goes out of style. I bet you have seen terrazzo floors, but 2018 adds spice to things by now having terrazzo on countertops and backsplashes. Wherever marble has been used, terrazzo too fits the bill. What is most exciting is that terrazzo has pomp and color to it. You can, therefore, settle for a color that makes you feel alive.

Drape Patterns

drapes - decor that never go out of style

Drapes more often than not match up the wall colors but the year 2018 has a different outlook on how drapes are utilizable. Drapes can also add up to the spice in the room by having unique patterns that make the drapes outstanding and accentuate the room itself. It works well especially with appropriate lighting both natural and electrical hence find patterns and material that appeal to you and you will love the outcome.

Decorating Trends to Avoid

New things always come with excitement, pomp, and color in some instances whereas they can also come with challenges to adjustment. Whichever the case, some decorating trends have been outdone and outlived, making them a bit too monotonous which beats the purpose of creativity.

All White

White signifies purity and for some reason, white rooms have a calming effect and the lighting plays a major role in accentuating the color in such circumstances. However, the spaces may feel formal and you want your home to be your happy place. It does work for office spaces though.

Wood Natural Finishing

Wood finishing gives an earthy feel and a homely feel that works well for living room spaces, office spaces and library spaces too., Whichever the case, if well done the outcome is amazing. Wood needs good care and cleaning too. Lack of it makes the room look neglected and especially if the look is dilapidated. Nonetheless, the trend gives an office feel, perhaps a lawyer’s office or even a library and in such situations, it means you are a bit uptight yet home should be where you get to bring your guard down and be yourself.

Overdone Decorating Trends

Trends are overdone for reasons such as attachment to a particular style, not being experimental or conservative-ness or just having a love for a particular design though despite being overdone they come with a few twists and turns to the kind of make them feel newer the idea is the same old one.

Tile Patterns

Tiles can be used for floors and walls. Getting solid color tiles is all right but its time is up and now, with the appropriate tile designs, your decor issues are solved. Find a color that you love. Identify a pattern that speaks to you. Both the color and pattern are a solution in so many design levels. “Cleanliness is second to Godliness,” hence be keen to ensure you are able to clean them up and have them remain as good as new always.


The lighting in a room can work perfectly to accentuate a feeling or make everything dull, call it the life to a room courtesy of the lighting packaging. Chandeliers have an intrinsic feel to them. The more complex a chandelier, the classier it looks. You want your room to possess an antique look and remain unique at the same time hence have your lighting on the walls and the ceiling having appropriate designs that are ideal.


The furniture in a room plays a part in the overall style. For an antique feel, get old looking dilapidated furniture. Not that this is the case. The material would more often than not be hardwood. For the old school look, do not overcrowd the space. A table and a bookshelf work just fine. Having too many furniture pieces of an antique look together gives confusion instead of the desired outcome.


It’s said east or west home is best. With this in mind, your home should speak volumes of you with regards to creativity. Don’t hold back at any point and give it you’re all. Get your creativity flowing and deliver impeccable work for your own gratification, after all, this is your hideout from the insane world on the other side of your doors.

Please in the comments below let me know if my article ” Home Decor Trends List For 2018” had helped you in any way.


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