enjoy some garden decoration ideas

Style Your Garden Using These Decoration Ideas

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Enjoy Some, Garden Decoration Ideas

I never thought about decorating a garden, until my mother out of the blue decided to grow her own veggies. Which, gave me the inspiration for this article. 
So, if your looking for some garden decoration ideas you’ve come to the right place. Please, leave a comment at the end of this article if you enjoyed the garden ornaments mentioned below;

Lets Get Started

Outdoor Garden Fountains

Outdoor Garden Fountains

Their are garden fountains for just about all size gardens; small, medium and large. Also, with a huge selection of materials the fountain can be like; bamboo, metal, ceramic, wood, glass and many more. I personally like the fountains that mimic the sound of water trinkling and that are made of stone, its personal preference.

Some questions you may have below

What are the benefits of Garden Fountains

Comes To Personal Preference 

Water fountains are not just for decoration it can help the animal life and people around it. Some people, buy one just from the sound it emits cause it helps with stress. Others, like the way it looks which makes the owner happy cause its something that is visually appealing. 

Improving The Air Around

An important benefit that a garden fountain provides it cleaning the air around it. The flow of the water performs similar to an air humidifier, but naturally. The way it works is the flowing water produces negative ions and moisture in the air which in turn cleanses dry environments.

Amazing article goes more in depth about negative ions 

A Must If Your A Bird Lover

If your a bird lover, then there is no question you need a water garden fountain. Having one in your garden acts as a natural attractant and surprisingly might attract bird species you haven’t seen in your garden before. If you were to pick a fountain solely based on this benefit, 100% recommenced  running water fountains compared to bowl fountains.

How Do I Empty a Garden Fountain

If your fountain has a pump you can pump the water out of the base using it, but leave about an 1-inch of water left and empty the rest by hand using a scoop. Doing so will prevent the pump from breaking and save you money. 

Below is another way to empty your fountain, as seen in the video below by the you tube channel Jeffmaggie give him a sub if you found his video useful.

Add Some Garden Gnomes & Statues

garden gnomes are a great garden or yard decoration idea

Garden gnomes and statues are great decoration ideas. some people, use them to scare off unwanted animals to protect thier plants. Whilst others add them as a garden or yard decor piece. Now, you may be thinking ” I hate those gnomes” and i don’t blame you as most people think they move on them. The good news is their are plenty of gnome designs and statues out their online. so, i’m sure you will find what your looking for.

Animal Based Gnomes

Goblin, Fairy & Heavenly Gnomes/Statues – Expensive

Family Garden Projects

family diy garden project

It would be horrible if i didn’t mention family projects. what better way to give your garden or yard a unique and special touch. Not only does this make you appreciated it more, but it also creates more of a bond with your family. Will list some DIY garden/yard projects you and your family can work together on below. If you want more of a unique decor item then you my friend will have to come up with something no one else has created.

Family Stone Plaque

family garden decoration idea

Garden Pebbles Balls

Family Decoration Idea Pebble Balls
Source – Tutorial

Aluminum Garden Flowers

DIY Garden Decor
Source – Tutorial

Turning Old Items Into Decor For Your Garden/Yard

If your looking for that vintage vibe for your garden or yard. all you need to do is add old items like rusted wheel barrows, animal feed containers, and old wheels. So, keep and eye out at your local garage sale and antique stores. You might just stumble across something ancient, that would look amazing.

Check out some examples below

Old Wheel Decor

Vintage garden decor

Old Wheel Barrows


Old Buckets Are Useful

Bucket Art For The Garden

Anyways, let me know in the comments below if this article helped you in anyway. Also, keep in mind will be adding more to this article once i stumble across some more garden decoration ideas.

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