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DIY Coat Racks : Things To Consider Before Building

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Disclaimer : This article is not a step-by-step coat rack building plan, this article is more informational. Which means, it will help you with decision like what type material your wanting to work with and the type of coat rack you wanting to build as well as some other useful information.

Coat racks happen to be some of the most timeless closet inventions. They can be used for simple purposes such as hanging your favorite coats in the bedroom or even refurbished and converted into a garden ornament. These racks are another way of bringing a timeless sense of style into your home that can be multi-functional and useful at the same time.

Creating your own DIY coat rack can help you explore your most creative and expressive side. It’s one of those exciting projects that you could have everyone in your household interested in. it may not always be about the money that you would save when creating one of these but how customized you want your coat hanger to look like. You can easily incorporate different materials that suit your taste and functional needs in your creation.

At the bottom of this article, will provide some coat rack examples to help get your creativity flowing…

DIY Coat Rack : The Essentials 

Choosing Your Coat Rack Material? 

A simple way of choosing your coat rack material is through the durability test
. Ask yourself of how durable you would want your rack looking and then make the decision from there. Material such as metal, plastic, and wood can all be used in the making of coat racks.

  • Metallic racks will be durable and convenient for someone who wants a long lasting rack.


  • Wood, on the other hand, is an equally good material but if left unattended to, wood can easily get worn out.


  • Most plastics are malleable and easy to work with albeit having a coat rack made from this would mean it’s a short-term product that you will easily replace in the near future.

Select your material of choice based on the cost of production you have in mind. Choose economically friendly material that will not cost you an extra dime when working on a tight budget. Nevertheless, if you are all about quality then go for the most durable and convenient material in the market.

What Type of Coat Rack Do You Plan On Building?

A wall mounted rack will be most efficient for small spaces where installing it at the back of a door or by the wall will make it quite convenient. Standing racks are also another alternative you can go for. Create a standing rack that can accommodate the number of coats you expect to have. These racks are convenient for large spaces and homes where one can be stood gracefully by the door to suit your needs and your visitors too. 

Choosing The Right Hooks For Your Coat Rack

You should also be able to select the type of hooks you will need for your rack. Coat hooks come in different material, designs and sizes. These hooks can be industrial hooks, nail in hooks, screw in hooks and over door hooks. The amount of effort you will require in their installation and the material you have used for your coat rack should guide you on the type of hook you will need.

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Infographic showing the pros and cons between standing coat racks and wall mounted coat racks

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