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3 Man Cave Updates Worthy of Game Day

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When making your ideal man cave, there are a lot of variables to consider. A good man cave needs to have plenty of opportunities for both relaxing and entertainment, and it should be a place you can welcome your guests for special events. Of course, one of the best times to have a man cave is on the day of a big game. Almost every man cave can use a few upgrades if you are planning on using it as your regular location for game days. These easy updates provide a lot of bang for your buck and turn your man cave into the perfect game day spot.

Upgraded Home Cinema Equipment


Big Screen Television

Of course, one of the main features of any good man cave needs to be an excellent home theater system. Before bothering with any other upgrades, you need something better than an old 24-inch television with a remote that no longer works. For a good man cave television, bigger is always better. You also need plenty of helpful technology to go along with it.

Adding Sound & Gaming System

Consider adding either a video game console or an HDMI cable that lets you play your favorite computer games on the big screen. You also need some good speakers with surround sound and subwoofers to ensure that you get the best sound quality.

Imagine this : Take a full-sized projection screen with a Hi-Def projector or a supersized 4K TV, a DVD or a Blu-ray player. Add amplification, add speaker systems, subwoofers, soundbars, Dolby sound. Make the whole thing wireless and controllable from your smartphone. Sounds great, right?

Projector & Installing Smart Technology

If you plan on having really big groups over, it might be a good idea to get a big projector that lets people in the back view everything too. Managing all of this can get a little tricky, so be sure to hook it up to a smart cinema system. This will let you easily control your television, speakers, lights, and more from a smartphone. A helpful thing about smart cinema options is that your guests cannot use them. This will keep your obnoxious buddy from switching channels or putting on annoying music.


Wet Bars

Most man caves at least have a small bar cart lined with drinking options, but if you really want to make it a place for your guests to relax, you need a wet bar.

With a wet bar, you never have to leave the room to get clean glasses or rinse out a cocktail shaker in between making beverages. A lot of guys tend to skip installing this because it seems like a lot of hassle without much gain. However, when you are entertaining a lot, it is surprisingly useful. Make sure your wet bar has a sink, counter for serving and preparing things, and some cabinets for storage.

For the ultimate wet bar, include a kegerator for fresh beers on tap. Even if you and your friends do not bother with alcoholic beverages, having a small bar area in a man cave is useful. Include a mini-fridge for storing drinks, a cabinet full of snacks, and easily accessible plates, cups, and napkins. This will provide you with plenty of fuel for long nights of gaming and watching television.


Gaming Tables

Many men make the mistake of thinking that as long as they have an awesome television set up, their man cave is complete. It is important to remember that there will inevitably be times when your television is not enough. Make sure you have something to keep you and your guests entertained during commercials, halftime, and other pauses in the game.

An excellent option is various types of gaming tables. If you have enough space, the classic man cave game is a pool table. You can spend time playing with your friends and drinking beers while you watch the game.

For smaller man caves, a good option can be a foosball table or air hockey table. This is a little more compact, but it is still a fun and interactive game. If pool and foosball are not your favorites, consider a table for poker or board games. You can choose one of the classic options with drink holders and green fabric, or you can customize your own table to suit your preferences.



With these three updates, your man cave will be the envy of all your friends. A few smart changes to your man cave will make it the perfect place to relax by yourself and the ideal spot for throwing parties. After splurging a little on yourself, you can get a man cave that truly suits your personality and needs. Once everything is all fixed up, you will be completely ready for the big game day.


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